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Moina Macrocopa Sterilized

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Help Fish Exercise - If your fish are slow or rarely swim, this living food will help them get exercise by swimming for food, thus, giving more motility and better health for the fish.
Alternative for Pellet Food - In case your fish don’t eat pellet fish food, the living food is a good choice that can provide them a comparably sufficient level of nutrition.
Increase Fish Survival Rate - Living crustacean, as fish food, is additive-free, chemical-free, and rich in nutrients, which is similar to natural food. You can feed it to newborn fish to gain a higher survival rate.
One Feeding Can Last for Days - No worry about being away, since you can overfeed your fish with living food in advance and leave them for about a week. Living crustacean can survive 3-10 days without food, and don’t even spoil the water like pellet food does.
Suit for any Aquatic Pets - Not only fishes, but other amphibians and aquatic animals like shellfish, shrimp, crab, and salamander can also be fed by living crustacean.