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OROCHI Medaka (大蛇、おろち、オロチ)BLACK

OROCHI Medaka (大蛇、おろち、オロチ)BLACK

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Each order comes with 3 Medaka Fish.

Details: Orochi Medaka (BLACK)
Origin: Outside tank-bred in California, but indigenous to Japan
Orochi Medaka was Created around 2016 by Mr. Masahiro Tanikuni of "Asuka Medaka" in Nara Prefecture.
It took more than 6 years to complete the Orochi Medaka.
While many breeding medaka are characterized by beauty and cuteness, Orochi medaka can be said to be a medaka that pursues its astringency, coolness, and blackness.

●Aquarium and water volume
As a guideline, the amount of water should be one fish per liter(1/4 gallon).
For example, if you are raising 10 medaka, prepare a container that holds more than 10 liters(2.5 gallon).
●Outside Place medaka
・A place that is as sunny as possible. This will make medaka less likely to get sick.
・It is said that raising medaka outdoors is better for increasing their reproductive ability and coloring.
●Aquarium water
・Dechlorinate the water in which you raise medaka.
・Be sure to acclimate them to the water.
・Medaka are omnivorous, so they eat a variety of things such as plankton, daphnia, mosquito larvae, and plants.
・Commercially available food is recommended.
・The amount of food to feed should be the amount that the medaka can finish in about 3 to 5 minutes.
・The number of times to feed is once or twice a day.

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