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Sagittaria Subulata

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Common Name: Dwarf Sagittaria

A common option for a foreground plant that gives your aquascape a subtle sense of depth is dwarf sagittaria. It can reach a height where it can also be a great mid- or background accent. This plant is a fantastic choice for beginners because it requires little maintenance. Bright green and like broad blades of grass, the plant is It may grow either submerged or emersed. An established plant may raise a stem above the water's surface and produce tiny white blooms.

A multitude of circumstances will support the growth of dwarf sagittaria. Although CO2 is not necessary for it to develop, it does so considerably more quickly when it is present. Only a few plants can survive in water that is somewhat alkaline and hard. Despite thriving under brighter illumination, dwarf Sagittaria is acceptable with modest lighting. Some crimson tones in the foliage may stand up under bright lighting. The plant may need to be fed with iron and other nutrients if its leaves seem sickly and yellow due to a lack of iron. Dwarf Sagittaria spreads well on its own and, if left unchecked, will grow into a substantial carpet. The plant's runners may be propagated by pinching them off and planting them in the substrate.

Family Name: Alismataceae

Origin: North/South America

Height: 4-12”

pH: 6.5-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Moderate

Co2: Not necessary

Propagation: Remove plant runners and place into substrate

Growth rate: Fast