Don't put Medaka in the tank immediately! If you buy Rice Fish, the thing you should do first.

Don't put Medaka in the tank immediately! If you buy Rice Fish, the thing you should do first.

Have you bought Medaka and immediately dumped it into the tank? Actually this is like killing medaka. If you buy fish as well as medaka, don't throw it into the tank immediately.

Be careful about chlorine of tap water

Tap water contains chlorine for sterilization. Chlorine is a great enemy for fish, and any fish will die as soon as it is in water.
Once you have bought Medaka, you should not just put water from the tap immediately and put Medaka.

If the water in your house is well water, you don't have to worry about anything. In that case, it is enough to combine water. The problem is with tap water. Chlorine will escape into the air if it holds water overnight, but if Medaka is bought, use commercially available chlorine-free water if there is no water for holding. Read the instructions carefully and make water. Then it will be work of water coordination.

Water match

Even if the medaka is strong, if the temperature is suddenly thrown into a completely different water, or if the water quality is thrown into a totally different water, it can cause physical health and die. Therefore, we do work called water setting. In the case of tap water, please be sure to remove chlorine before water combination. It may be the water of a holding place overnight.

Water match is to put the water without chlorine in the breeding container to put the medaka from now, and float the bag or container containing the medaka when the medaka is bought, with the medaka and water in the breeding container . At this time, make sure that the water in the breeding container does not enter the bag.

There are plenty of water in the container of Medaka that you bought.

Reduce the water by half. Let's be careful not to drain the medaka.

The amount of water is about half.

Float the container in the breeding tank. Make sure that the water in the breeding tank does not enter the container.

I tried to turn off the light of the tank to make it easier to see.

In about 30 minutes, the temperature of the water in the breeding tank and the water in the container will be about the same. Then scoop a cup of water from the breeding tank and place it in a container. It is water quality match. After about 10 minutes You will do the same thing again. Do the same thing 3 times and bring the water quality of the water in the breeding tank and the water in the container closer.

Squeeze the water from the tank with a ball and put it in the container.

When you put a glass of water, be sure to leave it for at least 10 minutes before putting it next time. The more time you spend, the higher the success rate.

After pouring water for about 3 times, put the water in the bag for about 10 minutes and transfer the medaka in the container to the breeding container. At this time, instead of pouring the water in the bag into the breeding container, transfer only the medaka to the breeding container.

Discard the water in the container, so put the medaka in the net and transfer it to the breeding tank.

This is because the water that contains the medaka that you bought at a pet shop etc. may contain medicine. The medicine contained in the water of this medaka may adversely affect shrimp, especially when kept with shrimp.

Be sure to adjust the water also for well water. The water quality of the shop water and the well water of the house may be different, and above all the temperature of the well water is low. In order to adjust the temperature by combining the water and make the medaka get used to the new water quality, be sure to perform the water combination.

Add water

The water in the rearing container will be reduced if water is combined. Therefore, it is good to prepare additional water. Make sure that the addition water is also chlorine free. In the case of well water, don't worry too much, and it is fine to add the water coming out of the faucet as it is, but if the temperature is too different, let's put it once and keep the temperature consistent.


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