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Common Questions 


When will my Medaka Fish and Accessories Arrive?

- We will send you an email when your order is about to ship out. This email will include your tracking number and general information. Your package will ship early in the week (Monday - Wednesday) to ensure the fish don't stay in a facility over the weekend. We guarantee a healthy delivery so if any problems occur, please contact us.


Can you ship outside the US?

- Unfortunately, we cannot ship outside of the United States at this time due to shipping restrictions. 


How is shipping charged?

- We charge shipping by weight. We understand that the shipping charges can look more expensive than other online stores that sell non live products. We subsidize shipping costs to help ship Medaka fish nationwide. Learn more on our How We Ship Page.


What happens if my order arrives damaged?

- All of our animals and plants come with a Live Arrival Guarantee. Please contact us if you receive DOAs, and we will replace them free of charge!