About Medaka Farm


Our company was founded by hobbyists for hobbyists. Medaka farm is committed to providing only the best Medaka and supplies. Our healthy guarantee ensures that the fish arrive healthy or you get your money back. 

We are a small team of Medaka hobbyists dedicated to providing the highest quality of common and rare Medaka fish. Our vision started when we first discovered the beauty of these little fish growing up. Fascination quickly turned into obsession. As we continued to seek out and acquire more, it became evident that the hobby was lacking a reliable source for plants in the US. Prices were inflated and consistency was lacking, with customers only able to buy them in person. Our determination to find better stock online resulted in the creation of Medaka Farm, your premier aquascaping supply provider located in Southern California. 

Our mission and priority is simple; to provide top quality Medaka Fish and supplies to our fellow hobbyists, thereby spreading the contagious love for Medaka Fish.




私たちは一握りのメダカ愛好者からなる小さなチームで、一般的で珍しいメダカ魚の最高品質を提供することに専念しています。私たちのビジョンは、これらの小さな魚の美しさを初めて発見したときに始まりました。魅了はすぐに執着心に変わりました。私たちはさらに探求し、さらに取得し続ける中で、この趣味には米国の植物の信頼性のある供給源が不足していることが明らかになりました。価格は膨らんでおり、一貫性がなく、顧客は対面でしか購入できませんでした。より良い在庫をオンラインで見つけるという私たちの決意は、サザンカリフォルニアに位置するプレミアムなアクアスケーピング用品の提供者であるMedaka Farmの設立につながりました。



Founder: Tatsuya's Vision

The essence and driving force behind Medaka Farm is its founder, Tatsuya, a seasoned Japanese Medaka breeder whose life in Southern California has been dedicated to these enchanting creatures. Tatsuya's vision goes beyond merely transplanting the Medaka culture from Japan to the United States; it's about weaving a tapestry of community, education, and passion around these fish.

In Japan, the culture of Medaka keeping is deeply ingrained, much like the culture surrounding houseplants in the West. Medaka are not just aquatic pets; they are a symbol of grace, resilience, and beauty, treasured across generations. Tatsuya grew up immersed in this culture, where maintaining small bowls and tanks of Medaka was a common, cherished practice, allowing enthusiasts to witness the miracle of life and the vibrant dance of these fish in their own homes.

Tatsuya's passion for Medaka transcends the boundaries of breeding. He sees Medaka as a medium for connection, a way to bring people together and share a slice of tranquil beauty. This vision is rooted in the belief that Medaka keeping can enrich lives, providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It's about nurturing a sense of wonder and stewardship towards nature.

At Medaka Farm, every decision and action taken by Tatsuya reflects this deep-seated philosophy. The selection of fish is meticulous, focusing not only on the health and vitality of each specimen but also on the diversity and uniqueness, offering hobbyists a window into the vast world of Medaka varieties. Tatsuya's commitment extends beyond sales; he aims to educate and support hobbyists, offering advice, sharing best practices, and creating a platform where experiences and knowledge are freely exchanged.

His dream is to see Medaka keeping evolve into a widespread hobby across the U.S., mirroring the rich, vibrant culture it enjoys in Japan. Tatsuya envisions Medaka Farm not just as a business, but as a beacon for this growing community, a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to share their love for Medaka. He imagines schools incorporating Medaka into their curriculums to teach biology and responsibility, families bonding over the care of these fish, and individuals finding solace and joy in their serene presence.

Under Tatsuya's guidance, Medaka Farm is more than a supplier of fish and equipment; it is the cornerstone of a burgeoning Medaka community in the U.S. It's a place where the beauty of Medaka is celebrated, where hobbyists feel supported and inspired, and where the simple joy of fishkeeping can be experienced by everyone. Tatsuya's vision is a future where Medaka are not just pets, but a symbol of community, education, and a shared love for the natural world.