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About Medaka Farm


Our company was founded by hobbyists for hobbyists. Medaka farm is committed to providing only the best Medaka and supplies. Our healthy guarantee ensures that the fish arrive healthy or you get your money back. 

We are a small team of Medaka hobbyists dedicated to providing the highest quality of common and rare Medaka fish. Our vision started when we first discovered the beauty of these little fish growing up. Fascination quickly turned into obsession. As we continued to seek out and acquire more, it became evident that the hobby was lacking a reliable source for plants in the US. Prices were inflated and consistency was lacking, with customers only able to buy them in person. Our determination to find better stock online resulted in the creation of Medaka Farm, your premier aquascaping supply provider located in Southern California. 

Our mission and priority is simple; to provide top quality Medaka Fish and supplies to our fellow hobbyists, thereby spreading the contagious love for Medaka Fish.