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Medaka are peaceful, schooling fish which are one of the hardiest and most adaptable fresh water fish in the world.

What type of tank do they like?
Medaka rice fish are schooling fish so like to be kept in groups of 5 or more. A 10 Gallon or larger tank is recommended.

What water conditions do they like?

Reported to at least temporarily tolerate an extremely wide temperature range 40-15 degrees. They are very hardy and adaptable but requires clean, well-maintained water to thrive.

How long do they live?
Medaka fish tend to live for up to 1.5 years to 2 years. The lifespan is short so they reach their sexual maturity faster than the other fish and breed quickly.


Very pleased with my Medaka!! Looking forward to watching it grow. It was packaged well and in perfect shape. Thanks again for a beautiful plant.

T. M.

Came in quickly and well packaged. Healthy Medaka!!

B. R.

The Medaka Miyuki came in great condition, bigger then I thought it would be.

A. M.

The Medaka eggs arrived quickly and were in great health! 💕

I'm very pleased to find a new Medaka shop.

A. H.