Food selection and amount, food feeding during travel

Food selection and amount, food feeding during travel

Home center food is enough

Medaka's food is enough for Medaka's food marketed at pet stores and home improvement centers. Home centers would be cheaper. You can also buy it online.

There are a variety of Medaka's food sold in the shop, but I think that there is no big difference even if there is a big difference in price. In my case, I buy the cheapest one at my home improvement center.

However, in the case of fry and juveniles, the mouth is small, so it is necessary to feed for fry and juveniles. These are also sold at home centers, etc., and can be purchased online.

I have a little obsession with fry food. Rather than cheap ones, it is difficult to pollute the water even if the price is a little, it is easy to eat for fry fish, and the one that is rich in nutrition is selected. Juveniles have lower survival rates than adult ones, so we choose those that have high survival rates.

There are also commercially available feeds for juveniles that have grown a little from fry. The early growth of juvenile fish requires a large amount of energy, but the small mouth still has the problem of not being able to eat large food.

It's a bit expensive, as nutritious bait is marketed into the mouth of young fish, but it is recommended to buy.

Use guppy food outside Japan

Medaka food may not be available outside of Japan.
So let's use guppy food.

At that time, if possible, choose food according to the state of the medaka.
For fry, feed guppy fry, and for spawning medaka, feed guppy with high nutritional value.

Amount of food

The amount of food given at one time should be about 5 minutes. If you give it more, it will pollute the water. Adjust during the summer 2-3 times a day, once in the winter (not necessary if the water is cold enough to freeze), and in spring and fall while watching how much it eat.

Feeding food while traveling

Medaka is very strong. There is no problem at all if you do not give food for about a week. Don't give too much food just before you go on a trip. If a large amount of food is given, the water will become dirty and weaken the medaka. Try to give the same amount of food as before, both before and after your trip.

Also, for long trips, there is also an automatic feeder. It is not so expensive, so please try it. However, it is not necessary when traveling is about a week.

The option of daphnia

Daphnia is medaka's favorite food. You can use dried daphnia that is marketed at pet stores and home improvement centers, but you also have the option of giving live daphnia without contaminating water and choosing a way to put in a large amount before traveling.

In addition, living daphnia increases by itself, so if you cultivate it, the cost of feeding will be cheaper. It also has the effect of cleaning the water. It is also said that the activity gets better and you get better by chasing the live daphnia, and the daphnia seems to be popular among the medaka enthusiasts.

Because aquaculture requires a large area, it seems that many people buy daphnia live on the net every month.


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