It is not difficult to choose the tank of Medaka (Rice Fish)

It is not difficult to choose the tank of Medaka (Rice Fish)


I would like to stick to the tank if I want to keep a beautiful medaka. I would like to make a beautiful aquarium, make a pretty container, feel the sum, and use the fashionable ones in the room and garden.

In books etc., it is recommended to use an aquarium made of acrylic or glass, which is quite like an aquarium. If you breed about 3 medakas, any container that contains 1L or more of water is OK. Such a thing can be recommended because the wider the surface, the less the oxygen deficiency.

Any container that can store water can be used

Honestly, any tank of medaka can be used. There is no rapid temperature change if there is a large amount of water, so a certain size and depth are required, but even in a room where direct sunlight does not reach and temperature changes are small, even shallow water containers can be bred without problems.

When rearing medaka outdoors, the water bowl is good in appearance and deep enough. For the purpose of increasing the medaka, it may be a commercially available styrofoam case for medaka. Although the appearance is not very good, the change in water temperature is small, and it is possible to maintain an environment where it is easy for Medaka to spend.

When breeding outdoors, if the rain shakes violently, it may overflow and the medaka will be washed away. In the case of a water bowl, floating the water plants can prevent the medaka from flowing out. In addition, if it is a styrofoam case for Medaka, it is safe because there is a drain hole for overflow prevention.

Gratin dishes are also fun

It is also quite good to keep about 5 medakas in a large glass gratin dish. The amount of water is only 1L ~ 1.5L, but if you put the bottom sand you can maintain the environment quite well and look better than anything.

Place a glass gratin dish in the middle of the dining table, and if medakas swim in it, the dining table will be cool, and if you float aquatic plants, you will be able to enjoy greenery.

Breeding medaka in a gratin dish

In addition, when medaka is at the table, medaka is very used to people because people are always by medaka. If you squeeze your index finger or little finger into the water a little after dinner, the medaka will come and touch your fingers, and it will be very adorable.

However, if you just put the freshly bought medaka into a gratin dish, the medaka will rush and jump out, so be careful when jumping out. At first, please make the table a little darker and transfer the medaka to a gratin dish and let it settle down and turn on the light. Care must be taken not to look into or overwhelm a couple of days.

If you're worried, it's best to grow in a gratin dish from fry that can't jump out.

Please refer to the "Keeping Medaka Stylishly" corner.

Glass aquarium recommended if you enjoy the aquarium

In recent years, it is an aquarium that enjoys the water plants and fish of the spear. We recommend using a glass tank as the breeding container, as it is important for appearance. The acrylic case is cheaper, but it is easier to get scratched, and the acrylic may be scratched and whiten, which may destroy the awful aquarium.

The glass tank has a depth and can be filled with water, but be careful of the strength of the tank stand. The water is heavy. If the tank stand is not strong enough, it may be broken by weight, which is very dangerous.

If the purpose is breeding, use plastic container

If the purpose is breeding and there is enough space, we recommend plastic container. It is a plastic box to knead concrete for construction work. Because there is a large amount of water, even in places where the sun shines well, the overheated water temperature is suppressed and the medaka grows healthy. Even when collecting a large amount of eggs, it is safe because there is a sufficient amount of water if it is a plastic container.

Column -About the amount of water-

It is often said that one medaka requires 1 liter of water, but this is not very accurate information. Of course, the larger the amount of water, the more stable the water and suitable for long-term maintenance. However, if you can stabilize the water by putting bottom sand or aquatic plants, about 3 to 5 medaka are also possible to keep in 1 liter water.

What matters is water quality and dissolved oxygen content. These can be kept in good condition by widening the water surface. What is more important for medaka is the area of the water surface than the depth. The rice field where the medaka originally lived is shallow and the water volume is not large, but the water surface is very wide. There is no doubt that the size of the water surface is directly linked to the health of medaka.



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