How to grow Medaka from Eggs

How to grow Medaka from Eggs

Growing Medaka Fish from Eggs is a very rewarding experience. Because Medaka are hardy, the eggs are very easy to get hatching and growing in your tank. 

Be sure to keep the water clean and temperature optimal so the fish hatch healthily. 

The Medaka eggs you receive will be ready to hatch within 1-2 weeks and you will be able to see eyes and vertebrae growing within the eggs. 



The conditions for hatching are250°C (482 ) day.

The water temperature is greatly related to the number of days until the eggs hatch.

If the water temperature is high, it will hatch faster, and if it is low, it will take longer to hatch.

There is a method called integrated temperature that calculates the approximate number of days an egg will hatch.

The cumulative temperature of medaka is 482℉ (250 °C) days .

Number of days (days) = 250°C days /(÷) water temperature °C

       *water temperature °C x number of days (days) =250°C  days

The calculation formula does not hold in , it is calculated only in degrees Celsius.

For example, when the water temperature is 25 °C  (77°F), it hatches in about 10 days and the water temperature is 20°C  (68 °F) , it will take 12 to 13 days.

30°C (86 °F) = 8 - 9 days

25°C  (77°F) = 10 - 11 days

20°C (68 °F) =12 - 13 days

15°C (59 °F) =16 - 17 days



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