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Medaka 'Orochi'

Medaka 'Orochi'

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Orochi Medaka was created around 2016 by Mr. Masahiro Tanikuni of "Asuka Medaka" in Nara Prefecture.
It took more than 6 years to complete the Orochi Medaka.
While many breeding medaka are characterized by beauty and cuteness, Orochi medaka can be said to be a medaka that pursues its astringency, coolness, and blackness.

Medaka Farm Breed
These eggs are Orochi medaka imported from Japan and born at MEDAKA FARM California, carefully hand collected one by one after fertilized .

The conditions for hatching are 250°C (482℉ )/ day.

The water temperature is greatly related to the number of days until the eggs hatch.
If the water temperature is high, it will hatch faster, and if it is low, it will take longer to hatch.
There is a method called integrated temperature that calculates the approximate number of days an egg will hatch.
The cumulative temperature of medaka is 482℉ (250 °C) days .

【Number of days (days) = 250°C days /(÷) water temperature °C 】
*water temperature °C x number of days (days) =250°C days
★ The calculation formula does not hold in ℉, it is calculated only in degrees Celsius.

For example, when the water temperature is 25 °C (77°F), it hatches in about 10 days and the water temperature is 20°C (68 °F) , it will take 12 to 13 days.

30°C (86 °F) = 8 - 9 days
25°C (77°F) = 10 - 11 days
20°C (68 °F) =12 - 13 days
15°C (59 °F) =16 - 17 days

Each order comes with 5 Medaka Fish.

Details: Orochi

Origin: Outside tank-bred in California, but indigenous to Japan

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